Monster Madness

This February, 50 Monster Energy Girls were flown from around the world for a week of fun and conferencing in Ascot. We stayed at the Royal Berkshire Hotel and got up to all sorts of crazy fun, including a Monster Girl pool party, interesting talks and numerous photoshoots. The conference ended with a Monster Mansion […]

Princess Islands

An outing I embarked on, on two occasions was a boat trip to the Princess Islands. The first trip, we all cycled around this ‘no car’ town where horse and carriages roamed the streets. It was such a sight to see and very quaint and peaceful indeed. It’s completely different to cities elsewhere and reminds […]

Turkish Cuisine

The food is incredible and extremely diverse in Istanbul. The main streets were full of tempting food from spicy rice-filled mussels, roasted walnuts, mielies (corn on the cob) and Samit, which is a Turkish bread. I tried a bit of everything but my weakness was Baklava and Turkish delight, it’s unlike any sweet I’ve tried […]

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