About Me

Lauren Hoffman testI am a full time model living in Cape Town, South Africa. My incredible agency is Ice Genetics. I am a Monster girl as well as a GNC brand ambassador. This blog is my platform to share all things to do with fashion, fitness and health that I learn through my modelling journey. The journey has not always been smooth sailing- I started from the bottom and was initially never good enough for any modelling agency. A few jobs providing a free bikini as payment was where it all started. I was then fortunate to have joined Models International in durban and then Ice where both agencies taught me so much before I made the move to Cape Town to model full time (first making sure I completed my bachelor of Arts degree in drama and media studies)

I am fortunate to be kept up to date with the latest fashion trends being in the industry. I have had the priveledge of working for clients such as Jockey, Jeep, Mr Price, Mens Health, Womens Health, Saltwater Girl magazine (I was even on the cover!), various sports clients and more. I may not stick to the trends but believe women should flatter their figures and wear clothes which provide them with the most confidence possible.When it comes to acting- I am a main character in a new tv series called The Shores, I have played mini roles in the tv series Dominion, and been the main lead role in a Twisp TV commercial etc.

I have always lived an active lifestyle and I mix up cardio with weight training. I love running and hiking and anything outdoors aswell. Lately i have been pushing my limits at Sweat1000 classes. Being in shape the healthy way is what I believe in and I definitely believe in balance being the most important with an odd detox here and there, but I am not a fad diet person.

I look forward to sharing the rest of my journey with you



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